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Bali sightseeing in Denpasar as the capital city of Bali also offers exciting places. Traditional market, modern supermarket, main business and the center of government of Bali.

Badung Tradtional Market
Jagatnatha Temple
Museum Bali
Bali Art Center
Monument Bajra Sandi Renon
Lunch at Local Restaurant
Badung Traditional Market

Bali sightseeing tours reviews, most tourists will love visiting Badung Traditional Market which is situated on Gajah Mada Street, in the heart of Denpasar. As the biggest traditional market in Bali, this place is also the oldest among the other shopping centers in the capital city. You can shop at anytime, from the early in the morning till the night times. Anyone will love the reasonable prices offered by the local sellers. Badung traditional Market sells almost anything that the local needs for their dailies, including ceremony items, clothes, fruits, vegetables, meals, and more. If your a couple, please try join with us with famous honeymoon package

Jagatnatha Temple
Pura Jagatnatha or Jagatnatha Temple is a holy place for Balinese Hinduism located on Mayor Wisnu Street, near Puputan Badung Park. Its traditional and refined architecture will fascinate the worshipers and all visitors. In this sacred place, the locals held the religious activities, especially during Hindu holidays for example the ceremony for every full moon night. Apart from that, every month the tourists can take pleasure in two prominent festivals celebrating both new moons and the full moons.

Museum Bali
Museum Bali is positioned next to Jagatnatha Temple on Mayor Wisnu Street. Besides renowned as museum, this place is also prominent object for scientific study and important venue for high-flying exhibitions. Built for the first time in December 08, 1932 there are four major buildings, each is named Gedung Timur, Gedung Buleleng, Gedung Karang Asem, and Gedung Tabanan. All the buildings exhibit abundance of ancient and pre-historic items, Bali’s traditional technology and hand-woven materials, art products such as jewelries, clothes, carvings, sculpture, and many other artistic items.

Bali Art Center
Bali Art Center is situated within short drive from the city center or Puputan Badung Park. The building complex was built firstly in February 14, 1973. Resting on 5 hectares of land, the entire building of Bali Art Center encompasses four main parts, the Exhibition hall, Ksirarnawa hall, the Ardha Candra, and Wantilan hall. These places are where the travelers can enjoy the painting and traditional Balinese objects’ exhibitions, dance, drama, theatre, and art performances, music concerts, and fashion shows.

Monument Bajra Sandi Renon
Bajra Sandi Monument is located in the calm area of Renon, as one of must-visit sites in Denpasar surrounded by the lush greenery of Renon Yard which is commonly used by the local people to leisurely walk in the morning or evening. With its four indistinguishable gates, the monument was built applying the principles of Tri Mandala, which means three Balinese building concepts. The first concept is Nista Mandala as the outer part, Madya Mandala as the middle part, and the last is Utama Mandala as the major part. Within the main building the visitors will find a petite garden as well as the pond giving nice backdrop to the entire building. Overall, visiting Bajra Sandi Monument is simply worth remembering.

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group traveler 5-8person, price perperson IDR 625,000
FIT traveler 2-4 person, price perperson IDR 815,000


  • transportation and tour guide assistance
  • entrance ticket,
  • 1 time meals ( lunch or dinner ) at local restaurant
  • mineral water on tour


  • personal expenses
  • extra bill at restaurant if any or for souvenirs
  • sunblock if needed