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Deep Jungle Trekking

Batukaru is the second highest mountain in Bali, at 2,276m above sea level in the area of Tabanan regency. Batukaru is also called Watukawu, as Watu means stone and Kawu, coconut shell, so with the full meaning of the secret coconut at the shell mountain. It is the biggest rainforest in Bali, with many big and small spring waters to support the water irrigation of Tabanan.  

Pick up time at 07:30 from the area of Nusa Dua. Your guide will drive you through the village of Mengesta on little country roads. Then you will arrive at the parking area of Bujangga temple, where everyone will prepare themselves to begin their adventure!

Your adventure will start walking through the jungle. We suggest you to use trekking shoes or sport shoes, long pants, long sleeves t-shirt to protect you from some plants in the jungle.

In this wild adventure you will not feel scared because our guides will be interactive with you, with clue questions, while they teach you how the Balinese people respect nature and some kinds of trees, which are necessary for our life as well. 

And also your guide will explain to you about the structure of the tropical forest, its many kinds of animals, the importance to keep the life of the trees for our further life and for herbal medicaments, as well as for vegetables and to keep always wet the river during all seasons to support the water irrigation, avoiding the erosion and support very well our O2. 

On your jungle trip you will see many big trees, wild bamboos, birds, if you are lucky can see the wild pigs, deer’s, while monkeys, etc. The birds and insects will sing for you while you enjoy your coffee break in the middle of the trekking, accompanied by local snacks, boiled sweets, potatoes, etc.   

After enjoying the coffee break at the half of your adventure, we will then continue the adventure crossing the Palungan River. Batukaru volcano had an eruption more than 2000years ago, so the structure of this river is due to the boiled stones which lead the water flowing down, making it a stone river. No one knows this secret issue yet.

After crossing the jungle, we will overview the mountains Adeng and Sangiang with their green forest. Then we will visit a local family to see how they still make red sugar as a home industry. This is also a good contribution for their family economy. 

On the way prior to our end we will see many species of tropical garden, very interesting for you to know, split water irrigation called dam and the famous rice terraces of Jatiluwih.

At the end of the trip, we will have lunch at a local restaurant overlooking views of Jatiluwih.

Finally back to the hotel and END of the trip!. 

Arrival back at the hotel between 17:00-18:00h

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