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Borneo – 3D2N Tanjung Puting

Minimum 4 pax can go anytime

Orangutan Houseboat Tours  3 days 2 nights

Day 1
11.00   Picked up at the airport or hotel where overnight guests are escorted to the port of Klotok to begin the adventure of the river Sekonyer. A hot lunch is served leaving Teluk Kumai and entering the Sekonyer River Estuary , our first stop is Tanjung Harapan as a gateway to entering the Orangutan Conservation area that has existed since 1972.

15:00    The first stop of Tanjung Harapan and trekking 1.5 KM as Feeding Camp orangutan habitat in swamp forest area, peat swamp forest.

17:00   Return to Klotok to continue the journey along the Sekonyer river while enjoying a snack, and enjoy Bekantan and a collection of monkeys holding a tree on the river bank Sekonyer during the trip to the location to Stay

18:00 Private trip: free NIGHT TREKKING, before dinner time

19:00     Dinner, followed by a break at Klotok accompanied by quiet sounds and sounds of forest animals at night

Day 2
8:00    After enjoying breakfast, Klotok moves towards Pondok Tanggui Feeding Camp, in the morning many typical Borneo bird birds including hornbills (Mandarin Horn Bill) and other birds singing chirping accompany the tour this morning.

9:00    Arriving at Pondok Tanggui enters the National Park area with forest vegetation with swamps, with the characteristic of having a small stem with fiber roots.

11.00   Leaving Pondok Tanggui, to go to Camp Leakey, the oldest Feeding Camp which is managed directly by Prof. Dr. Biruet G Aldikas, an Orangutan expert who began research since 1970 at Tanjung Putting

13:00    After enjoying lunch and entering the watery river that is pitch black but clear, typical of the roots of peat forest water. We arrive at Camp Leaked and explore the tropical rainforest with typical Borneo trees, 2KM trekking into the forest where the ranger feeds at this Feeding Camp

15:00    Return to Klotok and down the Sekonyer river back to Muara, while enjoying the atmosphere of the afternoon of life on the banks of the Sekonyer river natural forest with endemic rivers Sekonyer.

19:00 .   Dinner in the Nipah Forest, where thousands of fireflies gather. A tourist spot that can only be enjoyed without being documented. Stay in the Nipah forest area.

Day 3
8:00  After breakfast back to Kumai where land transportation is waiting to be delivered to Airport/hotel


  • Road transport : Pangkalan Bun Airport/ Kumai/ Pangkalan Bun Airport
  • Boat (klotok) Transport wooden river boat about 17m by 3,8m with a roof that form upper deck, a great place for viewing the surrounding.
  • Western standart Toilet facilities and basic shower facilities aboard the klotok. The top deck is where you can sleep with mosquito net covering the whole canopy.
  • Full board meals: Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch. All meals are very well presented, fresh and hygiene with very a good varieties
  • Snacks, tea/coffee , bottle of water are provided on the klotok and trekking
  • Guide


  • Recommended Personal Item for Tour
  • Good mosquito repellent
  • Small backpack (trekking )
  • Sunglasses/Hat
  • Sunblock Lotion
  • Trekking shoes/shock
  • Cotton clothing.


  • Guide Tips
  • Crew Houseboat Tips ( Captain, Assistant Capt, Cooker)

Do not hesitate to give us a call. We are an expert team and we are happy to talk to you.

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